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Our emphasis is on art, science, technology, and ephemera. Our focus matches the major research areas of the Diatrope Institute, a Berkeley-based academic research institute of which we are a part. The Diatrope Institute disseminates information and engages in research exploring art, science, technology and cognitive neuroscience. Use the menu above to explore our projects and some of our publications. Diatrope Press publishes academic and literary books of interest. We recently published Illustrated Life of Leonardo da Vinci from Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects by Giorgio Vasari edited with illustrations and annotations by Christopher W. Tyler. Diatrope Books specializes in academic and museum publications, with an emphasis on art, science, and technology research. Purchasing books directly from the Diatrope Books web site helps support Diatrope’s mission. We add used books daily.
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Leonardo and Surroundings: Exhibition Catalog

Special catalogue for the Leonardo and Surrounds exhibit. Text in English. Color plates. 144p.

Essays include “Leonardo and surroundings: a permanent Center for studies and exhibits,” “Andrea del Verrocchio and the workshops of Tuscany: the Renaissance atelier” by Liletta Fornasari, and “Naturalism and symbolism in Leonardo’s landscapes from the workshop masterpieces to the Mona Lisa” by Carlo Starnazzi.

Author: Frank Marinoni

Publisher: Pagliai Polistampa, 2001.

ISBN: 8883043340.

Condition: Unmarked. Some dog-eared pages and a corner crease on the cover. Good.

Paperback. (#31052)

Keywords: Leonardo da Vinci, Artists, Italian Art, European Art, Art and Science, Biography, Autobiography, Renaissance, Creativity


The Effie B. Allison Collection: Kosometsuke and Other Chinese Blue-and-White Porcelains

Accompanied a March 2-June 6, 1982 exhibition at the Asia Museum in San Francisco. Black and white illustrations throughout. Photo of Effie B. Allison. 36p.

Lain in invitation to the preview reception.

Kosometsuke pieces have been a popular export to Japan since the 15th century. Included are tea ceremony cups and pots, covered boxed, and small dishes of all kinds that were designed specifically for the Japanese market.

Curator: Yoshiko Yakudo
Publisher: The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 1982.
Condition: Unmarked. Very Good.

Paperback (Saddle Stitched). (#30848)

Keywords: Pottery, Ceramics, Porcelains, Chinese Art, Chinese Porcelains, Art Exhibitions, Art Collections, Asian Art, China, Japan, Ephemera, Kosometsuke







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